Audio Recordings

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BBB Interview - Frances and Nick
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News Night Recession
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HELOC Do's and Dont's
COVID-19 Virtual Meetings From Home
MLK Day at GCC
Good Debt Bad Debt Feelings
Student Stress Management
Fear of Finance
Financial Aid Asset Management
Kevin - Loan Forgiveness
Who Is My Student Loan Servicer
Ed Debt Long Term Health Consequences
Promotional Ads
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HUG Goes Live
Poor or No Credit Boost
Employer Student Loan Benefits
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Home Equity Loan Tips
Virtual Meetings WHAI
Denise Personal Story
Putting off Procrastination
Debt - It's Not All Your Fault
Fake it Till You Make It
Run Your Own Race
Freshman Stress Solution
UWW and Charlotte Rahaim
Interest-ing Federal Loans
Community College Choice
Student Debt Unlike Any Other Debt
Mature Adults Suffering Student Debt Impact - Collins
HUG Your Student Debt Announcement - Bear Country
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PDD HUG Ray 60
PDD HUG Ray 30
PDD HUG Ray and Ed Debt Spot - 2
PDD HUG Ray and Ed Debt Spot - 1
Testimonial - Karen
Testimonial - Brian
Testimonial - Joel
Testimonial - Freddy
Testimonial - Helen
Testimonial - Ethel
Testimonial - Leah
Testimonial - Wendy and David
Testimonial - Jamie
Testimonial - Kristie
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