About HUG

HUG is NOT a refinancing, consolidation or settlement program, and will not damage your credit or prevent you from using it.  Most of our clients enjoy an effective interest rate of less than 3.75% including mortgage, credit cards, education debt and other types of debt obligations, saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest, and years of payments. 

HUG is a proprietary debt-management and financial coaching system developed with students and parents in mind but available to everyone, whether or not you have education debt. In fact, even if you’re already completely debt-free if you feel you could benefit from budgeting assistance, financial crisis management, retirement or future goal planning - HUG can help!

  • Pay off all debt, (including student loans and mortgages) significantly ahead of schedule, saving thousands of dollars in interest and years of payments.*
  • Improve money management skills in practical areas like budgeting, managing future debt, understanding credit, what to do in a financial crisis, and beyond.
  • Build emergency cash reserves. Build or bolster your savings automatically.
  • Manage future loans efficiently. Learn how to plan for your next car, vacation, degree, or other upcoming expense.
  • Retire comfortably. Fortify, maximize and sustain your retirement plan.

But HUG doesn’t stop there! Although we encourage debt-free living, we know life is challenging, and sometimes acquiring future debt is unavoidable. With our unique dynamic system, even future debt is managed efficiently so it doesn’t have to impede your progress or obstruct your retirement plans.

We understand financial decisions are replete with emotion. The way we manage money can have as much to do with our ideas and experiences as with the actual bottom-line numbers. Human nature, relationships, fear, enthusiasm, support, accountability and other sociological and psychological influences can play an important role in how we make our monetary decisions. HUG offers the support and tools you need to manage your finances successfully now and in the future.

  • Access to information rarely provided by institutions and financial aid officers.  Use HUG at or before the time of application, so you can access loans wisely and maximize savings.
  • A realistic, flexible plan for repayment.  Use HUG to take advantage of the best payment arrangements available and pay the loans off ahead of schedule while preserving strong credit, so education debt doesn’t impair your retirement.

Skeptical? That’s healthy, and a sign that you’re thoughtful about your financial decisions.  Dr. Rahaim and her team have been welcoming skeptics and their questions since 2008.  Free phone and in person consultations are available so HUG and you may mutually discern if this is the right solution for you.

“I’m in debt. I am a true American.”
– Balki Bartokomous (fictional character played by "Bronson Pinchot" in the television sitcom "Perfect Strangers")