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You don’t have to have debt to benefit from working with HUG.

HUG helps people with a variety of financial needs from budgeting and financial crisis management to credit coaching and retirement planning. Our team of professionals can assist in most areas of personal/business finance and specialize in building customized plans based on your unique circumstances and goals. Call us today for a one-on-one conversation about your needs and how we may help.


Perhaps you seek assistance in creating a workable budget? If you’ve tried to build a budget only to find it’s impossible to follow, you’re in good company. Most people build a budget beginning with their income and fitting in the expenses. While this may sound quite logical, this approach is virtually doomed from the start. Life hands us too many surprises for a rigid approach to budgeting.

At HUG, we’ll not only teach you how to make a workable budget, but how to use it to see where to cut back if necessary, and how to plan for future purchases, vacations, retirement contributions and more. We have a simple, yet effective approach, time-tested over more than 20 years.

Problem Solving

Are you facing a financial life challenge?  Deciding whether to sell your home, move to a new location, change careers, start a business, manage an estate? It can be extremely stressful and difficult to sort out these types of situations, particularly within a relationship.  Many other emotional factors enter into play muddying the waters and causing friction, often resulting in knee-jerk reactions, and snap decisions later regretted. 

HUG financial coaches see life challenges and periods of transition as opportunities. Working through situations like these with a professional problem-solver can, and should be, a positive experience. After all, the reason you’re giving your decision so much thought is to affect a positive change or outcome, right? Our financial coaches can assist you with these and other complex financial issues.  No cookie-cutter solutions, just teamwork, listening and appropriate solutions for YOUR specific needs.

Retirement Planning

These days everyone seems to be throwing the phrase about “retirement planning.”  But, ask most financial planners if they assist with budgeting or debt management and you’ll quickly find that what they offer is investment advice or insurance products exclusively.  After more than 30 years in personal finance, investing and insurance, and over a decade of experience in debt management and  budgeting, Dr. Rahaim knows, (and teaches her clients) that you simply cannot plan for retirement as if it exists in a vacuum. Whether you are carrying debt or not at retirement can move the needle drastically, yet this factor goes ignored by most planners.  Ask yourself, how much income do I need at retirement if I’m still paying my mortgage, or other loans, and how much would I need if not, and you’ll quickly see our point.  We believe true retirement planning should include a comprehensive look at your financial picture, not investments alone.  If you agree with our approach, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

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