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Dr. Rahaim’s PowerDownDebt, Inc.™ program has been helping people become debt-free, including student loans, since 2008.

Education debt has become more complex over the years and Rahaim and her team have developed HUG in response to this ever-changing environment.  Like PowerDownDebt, Inc.™ HUG manages all debt, but specializes in education-related debt, offering practical solutions for individuals and families dealing with the challenge of paying for higher education.  Here’s what a few clients had to say about working with Dr. Rahaim’s system. 

Please note: These have been transcribed from voluntarily produced radio testimonials. None of these individuals were compensated in any way and these testimonials are in their own words.

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-- Ray

There is no way we could’ve gotten out of this absolute mountain of student debt without you!

My sincere appreciation and thanks,

-- Ray

This is Jamie from Shelburne. I was referred to [PowerDownDebt] from a co-worker. My student loans were coming due next September and I was getting email after email telling me how much my monthly payment was going to be, and it was starting to stress me out so I decided to give Frances a call. She emailed me the papers. I filled it all out, and when we finally met I realized I could be out of debt in 8 years, free of student loans. I saved about $75,000 in interest alone. This also includes my car loan. I had a couple credit cards in there too so I’ll be completely debt-free in 8 years.

-- Jaime

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So my name is Leah Spinrad and we started with a lot of debt. We never intended to get into credit card debt in the first place but then this really great thing happened, called the Recession? And we moved from a very expensive part of the country.  At the end of all that, we had a pretty sizeable credit card debt on top of the other kind of normal debts like our car payments and our student loans.  We were constantly feeling like we're getting somewhere and then feeling like we weren't getting anywhere, trying to pay as much as possible and it was very frustrating and very exhausting and disheartening.  We’re to a point now where I think we have $50,000 less debt than we had when we started and that was three years ago, so that's pretty amazing.

-- Leah

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The reason I came to PowerDownDebt? Do you know this? I heard an ad on the radio.  These people sounded so... it wasn't a commercial, they were just telling their story. It sounded so genuine so real and Frances had said too, that she had been through it herself. But I think maybe, ooh maybe what I say can help someone else because when you look at your debt, when you actually sit down and you write it out it's paralyzing, and that's when people step away. They're like, how do I begin and I've lived with that for years. Well, and I didn't think there was any way out. It seemed like a forever kind of thing.  And listening to this couple talk made me think there was a way out. I said well I'm gonna try this PowerDownDebt thing. And meeting with Frances was easy and comfortable. She made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. I really believed I could do it.

-- Ethel

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We've been really struggling. Ever since Tim got laid off.  It's humbling to be in that position. I have a friend, I would ask her every once in a while, how do I get out of this? She told me about the program   when she first started doing it and I heard the ad on the radio and was like I'm going to call. I'm glad I did. Tim and I always say talk is cheap. I always feel embarrassed to tell people what I owe, but she made me feel very comfortable. This sounds really silly, stupid. Sometimes I start crying when I say it. I'm never going to be a millionaire but what I want is to have a pretty house and to be able to go on a vacation once a year. For the most part, I'm very happy with what I have and my kids are healthy and I'm healthy and Tim is healthy, but I just want to be comfortable and be able to go out to eat once a week and that's all I want.  I just want people to know that there’s a way out. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I was feeling sad and I'm actually starting to feel happy, relieved.

-- Helen

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I'm Wendy, and I'm David and we're completely out of debt. We were getting married, obviously our finances were going to be combined and decided while we certainly pay our bills, what we saw in Frances’ program was something that would give us structure and the accelerated time frame that would reduce and eliminate our debt.  You know, a couple of cars, mortgage, home equity loan and some credit card debt.  I think another big thing was he's older than me and he's looking at retirement sooner and we said there must be some way we can start to accelerate this.   Last month I said, I think we're really close, and then I said yes! We're done! It's at zero, yes! It was so exciting.  Remember, I called you at work I said we’re done, we’re done.  We should go out and celebrate and have dinner, there must be something you do when you're done!

-- Wendy and David

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Dear Dr. Rahaim

…Since we last met, I have taken a job overseas (with a tax exemption), sold one of my homes, and paid off all of my credit cards. I should be able to save $40-50K each year that I am over here, and am now planning to put it all toward my retirement in about 12 years. Your program and my recent decisions have put me way ahead of the debt spiral that I was in before! Also, I am now living in Indonesia - so I can spend weekends in Bali! Please feel free to use my experience as a testimonial. Thank you again for your guidance.

-- Sincerely, Lauren Clarke


I was very close to being in a hardship situation. I had been struggling to try and pay off all this debt on my own for almost 10 years and it was a strain on my marriage, it was very stressful. I knew about PowerDownDebt because I was friends with Frances. The process was fairly painless. She would give you a form to fill out you just simply put down your debt and they figured it all out. This really really worked for me. This was fabulous. I’m so excited. I don’t feel a pinch at all. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. People really need to just find out more about it from her. She’s very good about giving you the information that you need, and I highly recommend it.

-- Karen


In April of 2008 I dialed a wrong number. On the other end of the phone I got Frances at PowerDownDebt. I just asked her what it was that she does. Having just gone through brain surgery 8 months before and having almost fully recovered but not having worked in 5 months I was far behind on my bills and far in debt. Working with Frances I was able to get myself back out of debt. I was able to pay off old bills, negotiate lower interest rates. It was such a relief, because to not only be dealing with a life threatening illness but also my bills piling up and getting further and further in debt, it was a lot of pressure. And just having that weight lifted really helped me just focus on my health, focus on getting my career back on track.

-- Brian


Hi, this is Kristie from Hawley. Dr. Frances Rahaim has been able to save us a boatload of money and cut our 2 mortgages in half. We have a rental property and a house we built and a small car loan, and I couldn’t imagine what she could do for us if we were like maxed out on credit cards or other kind of home equity loans. She’s saving us almost $200,000 in interest on the mortgages. We’re down to 17 years and we will be debt-free.

-- Kristie

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You probably heard stories of debt-settlement, bankruptcy and other options to address that debt issue and weren’t sure what to do. I’m like everybody else. You send in the minimum payments, and you know, attack the biggest debt first thinking you’re going to self manage it and you know what you’re doing. Well? It wasn’t working. I have Frances working in my behalf with PowerDownDebt that I do have a strategic plan in place to pay this debt down. It just feels good to have someone working in your behalf, coming up with a plan to get your debt under control and manageable where you can find some sense of peace knowing that I am taking responsibility for it. We’re not looking for handouts. We’re just everyday middle-class working people working every day for a living and you need to take that step today.

-- Freddy



I have moneys that I owe family members and the second mortgage is just a interest only loan and that’s going to explode in my face in about 5 or 6 years. I just got a modified mortgage which helped me out considerably, but that extended it out 35 years. That means I’ll have that paid off when I’m 90. It’s a never…It’s like the hamster in a wheel, [you] just get nowhere. PowerDownDebt gives me the option to get it paid off and break the cycle without getting a second job. It pretty much figures out to what I’m paying now with the difference being I’ll have the second mortgage paid off in 5 ½ years instead of never.

-- Joel



"There is scarcely anything that drags a person down like debt."
– P. T. Barnum